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Our Philosophy

Naturally processed Coffee cherries drying on raised African beds


When it comes to sourcing coffee, we are always looking for exciting, unique and delicious coffee, but we also care about the farmers and producers who put all the hard work into your delicious cup. For this reason, all our coffee is single-origin, traceable and ethically sourced.

Head Coffee Roaster Operating 6kg Giesen Coffee Roaster


When it comes to coffee roasting, taste is king. Our aim is to create a roast profile that allows the natural deliciousness of the coffee we source to shine. There is only one way to do this - we roast, we taste, we make some changes and we roast again.

Espresso Coffee Pouring Into Coffee Cup In SOMA Cafe


At SOMA we are in constant pursuit of a perfect cup of coffee. Baristas fondly refer to this as the elusive "God shot" - the perfect espresso. We use state of the art technology to measure everything and constantly tweak our recipes to serve you the best coffee we can!

Hands down the best coffee in Cork city

Julia Dunin

Great coffee, nice outdoor seating and dog friendly!

Daniel O'Connor

Top coffee in Cork City and the lads are brilliant.

Ahmad Shah Kamil