Fellow Ode Manual Brew Electric Coffee Grinder
Fellow Ode Electric Filter Coffee Grinder
Fellow Ode Manual Brew Electric Coffee Grinder Boxed
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Fellow Ode Brew Grinder - Electric Coffee Grinder

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Spurring from the advent of beautiful third wave cafés and coffee shops around the world, coffee equipment has adopted a similar design philosophy which focuses on functional beauty. Fellow is a company that is known for making high end, great quality coffee products, and with their strong focus on aesthetics their equipment is some of the most aesthetically beautiful on the market today. 

Often times coffee grinders try to grind for all brew methods (from espresso through to French Press), and while this is possible, the engineering and costs involved mean that most grinders in the domestic end up being perfectly average in all departments and excellent in none. Fellow saw this gap in the market and with the realisation that most home brewers don't have the need to grind for espresso, they set out to produce the best filter coffee grinder that they could.

Enter The Fellow Ode Brew Grinder. The Ode Brew Grinder is a powerful grinder with excellent precision. It comes in a small package that is perfect for the home brewer. While this grinder can't go exceptionally fine, it delivers exceptional grind quality when grinding for filter.

A Perfect Home Coffee Grinder

Let's be honest, as therapeutic as it can be, no one wants to spend five minutes cranking at a hand grinder at 6am in the morning. We want our morning coffee to be simple and effortless. We can only face using a hand grinder after we've already had out coffee, but that wouldn't make much sense. Ode transforms a morning chore into a quicker, quieter, and much more enjoyable experience. It also does this with a tiny footprint; it is one of the smallest grinder in its class.

Precision Grind Quality

One of the most influential factors in the flavour of your coffee is grind quality and consistency. In turn, one of the key factors in grind quality and consistency is the burrs used. With the Ode Brew Grinder, they have taken the decision to use commercial size flat burrs - this will guarntee delicious brews every time. Combine this with a powerful motor with PID feedback control, and easy grind adjustment, and you have the perfect home coffee grinder for the quality obsessed home barista.

Designed For The Discerning Home Barista

One of the main issues we see with home grinders is that designers haven't taken into account how a home grinder is used, and instead, they often just shrink a commercial grinder into a smaller package. Fellow have stacked the Ode grinder with a variety of carefully engineered features that really set Ode a part from the pack. With a magnetically aligned catch for added cleanliness, a grinds knocker to reduce grind retention, and auto stop for one less step, the Fellow Ode has considered the home barista in all its design choices.

Fellow Ode Electric Brew Coffee Grinder Features And Specifications

  • Superior grind quality and consistency
  • Ergonimically designed with the needs of the home barista in mind
  • Stylish industrial design choices look great on any brew bar
  • Stepped adjustment gives many options for grind settings
  • Commercial size flat steel burrs
  • Materials: Aluminium & Plastic
  • Burr size: 64mm
  • Hopper Capacity: 80g