Wilfa Classic Electric Coffee Grinder

Wilfa Classic Electric Coffee Grinder

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There are many manual grinders on the market today, some of them very reasonably priced and of excellent quality, however, the expectation that you need to manually grind your coffee before you've had your coffee is unreasonable at best. This is where the Wilfa Classic Electric Coffee Grinder comes into play and you begin your exploration of freshly ground coffee.

A grinder is one of the most important purchases you will make on your journey as a home barista. A coffee grinder not only allows you to grind fresh every day, unlocking an explosion of delicious flavours (yes, freshly ground does make that much difference), but it also allows you to adjust your grind setting to line up with your brew method. The Wilfa Classic Electric Coffee Grinder is a practical and easy-to-use solution to freshly ground coffee.

Wilfa has considered everything with this grinder. It has an easily adjustable grind setting, with handy markers at recommended settings for various brew methods (although you will definitely veer away from these as you become more experienced and experimental with your brewing). It grinds for anything from Stovetop espresso (Moka pot) all the way to french press and steeped immersion brew methods. 

Get your Wilfa Classic Electric Coffee Grinder today and discover freshly ground coffee today!

Wilfa Classic Electric Coffee Grinder Features & Specifications

  • Modern and stylish design
  • Practical and easy to use
  • Consistent grind 
  • Conical steel burrs
  • 250g hopper capacity (one bag of coffee)
  • Stepped grind adjustment with ~30 settings
  • Five recommendations for different brew methods
  • Suitable for steeped brewing (french press) through to stovetop espresso (Moka pot)
  • Adjustable grind time for “set and forget” coffee grinding
  • Intelligent grind basket - grinder won't turn on without the basket in place