Soma Coffee Company Quality Decaf Coffee Beans


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Sometimes you need that coffee late at night but can’t handle the caffeine buzz. Or maybe you want to be able to have a second or third coffee but are a little caffeine sensitive Whatever the reason, Soma Coffee Co has you covered with a delicious decaf coffee.

We take as much pride in sourcing and roasting our decaffeinated coffee beans as we do with all our coffees and have found and delicious decaf to suit all pallet. With a milk chocolate and hazelnut flavours and a crisp apple acidity, this coffee is designed to suit all coffee lovers and be as versatile as possible.

Pro Tip: If you want to drink more coffee, but find yourself a little caffeine sensitive, try blending the decaf with another bean for a low caffeine coffee that still packs a flavour punch!

Coffee Details

  • Origin - Tallulah
  • Varietal - Mixed
  • Process - Decaf
  • Notes - Milk Chocolate, Hazelnut, Apple
  • Cupping Score - 84